Texas Power Savings 12

Feel the good vibes with a reduced electricity rate and the added convenience of Auto Pay and Paperless Billing.

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12 Months of Texas Energy that's Easy on Your Budget

With the Texas Power Savings 12, you'll enjoy effortless efficiency with fixed-rate electricity and convenient billing and payment features.

  • A super-low (and super-competitive!) fixed rate that won't change for 1 whole year - with a savings of up to $60 over our standard 12-month fixed-rate plan.
  • With Paperless Billing, your bill arrives directly in your inbox, so you won't have to worry about it getting lost in the mail (or accidentally thrown away at home).
  • With our no-fee Auto Pay service, you'll pay your bill automatically each month with your credit card, debit card, or bank account. And you can set up your favorite money management program to make the payment for you so you'll never make a late payment again!

Why You Should Choose First Choice Power:

Some light companies in Texas would have you believe that staying within your budget means going without quality. We are not "some companies." We're First Choice Power, and we're an electric company that believes in Texas electricity that's reasonable and hassle-free.

  • Power Choice Options: Fixed-rate, Month-to-Month, Prepaid, and Free Days
  • Customer Service: Help when you need it via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, FAQs, and phone
  • Online Account Manager: Get insights and analytics into your usage, pay your bill, and more

Explore our electricity plans page, The Light Lab, and our About Us sections to learn more about why First Choice Power should be the Texas light company for you.