Make Your Payment Today!

Pick the payment option that's right for your life.

As a Power-To-Go® customer with First Choice Power, you can choose from a range of convenient ways to pay your electricity bill.

No matter how you pay, you'll always receive convenient reminders by text or e-mail about your latest account balance so you can determine when to make a payment.

Also, regardless of your payment method, you must always use your Payment Number. We provide you with your Payment Number via text or e-mail when you sign up.

Pay Automatically

Just log into your Online Account Manager (OAM) and schedule regular payments from your credit card or bank. This way, you'll always have money entering your Power-To-Go® account.

Pay in OAM

Your OAM gives you convenient access to your payment and usage history so you know what's happening with your electricity.

Pay Online

If you don't have time to log into your OAM today, simply make a one-time payment with your Payment Number.

Pay By Phone

To make a payment by phone, please call 1-855-676-7239 and follow the prompts to make a payment to your account using your credit card and your Payment Number.

Pay in Person

Not a fan of electronic payments? Not a problem! Just enter your zip code in the field below and click the Pay In Person button.

*If you enrolled in Power-To-Go® from First Choice Power today, please understand that it may take up to 8 hours for your Payment Number to be recognized in the system. If you are having trouble accessing the online or phone systems, please try again at a later time, or find the nearest pay station to you to make a cash payment in person.