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Deposit Payback FAQs for Texas

  • How can I sign up for Deposit Payback?

    Actually, you don't sign up for Deposit Payback. This program is the method by which First Choice Power pays back your deposit to you if you sign up for any fixed-rate plan with a contract term of 12 months or longer. All you have to do is pay your deposit in full and continue to pay your electricity bill with First Choice Power on...

  • Can I be removed from Deposit Payback?

    Yes, you can be removed from Deposit Payback for the following reasons:

    1.  Paying a bill late;
    2.  Enrolling in a Deferred Payment Plan;
    3. Enrolling in a Payment Extension; and/or
    4. Receiving an Agency Pledge.

    If you are removed from Deposit Payback, your deposit will be paid back in full to you after you make 12 consecutive on-time bill payments in full or switch away from First Choice Power upon completion of your contract...

  • What happens if I'm removed from Deposit Payback?

    If you are removed from Deposit Payback you will need to make 12 consecutive on-time bill payments in full to be refunded your remaining deposit amount. Your deposit will then be applied to your account as a bill credit (complete with any interest your deposit might have...

  • Where can I check the status of my Deposit Payback refund?

    This information is always available in your Online Account Manager. You can see when your participation in Deposit Payback started, how much of your deposit was refunded so far, how much of your deposit is still on hand in the Account Information ...

  • What is Deposit Payback?

    Deposit Payback from First Choice Power is a program that repays the deposit you paid to begin service with us in a timely fashion that fits your life. Instead of receiving your deposit as one lump sum after you pay your first 12 bills on time, your deposit will be paid back in 12 installments as a bill credit. And yes, each installment will include any accrued interest.

    Please be advised that Deposit Payback is only available on fixed-rate plans with a contract term length of 12 months or...

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