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Deposit Freedom® FAQs for Texas

  • What is Deposit Freedom®?

    Simply put, it's your opportunity to get electricity with First Choice Power into your home without paying a deposit.

    This is a plan available to people who are unable to pay the deposit required by one of our sister companies. If you choose Deposit Freedom®, you will be set up on a pre-paid plan with a variable rate. You have control over your usage and spending, which means … You Got This!

    An added benefit for Deposit Freedom customers is the opportunity to ultimately enroll in one of First Choice Power's regular plans with monthly billed, but this time, there won't be a deposit requirement. In order to qualify, during the first sixty (60) consecutive calendar days after enrollment, all of the following conditions must be met:

    • Account balance is greater than $0.00; and
    • No service interruptions due to negative balance; and
    • You make five (5) or less payments in a 30-day period during the first 60 days;
    • Have no "Fraud Potential" based upon the credit check completed at signup for a regular plan; and
    • No outstanding balance or uncollectable debt(s) owed to First Choice Power or any of our affiliated providers (including but not limited to: Direct Energy, CPL Retail Energy, WTU Retail Energy, or Bounce Energy).

    Deposit Freedom — a great way to learn about First Choice Power and get electricity without a large up-front...

  • What is the best part about Deposit Freedom®?

    You Got This!

    You have purchased affordable energy, managed your usage, and energy costs to stay within your budget!

    We will then review your account to ensure all eligibility requirements outlined have been met. If so, congratulations! We will send you an exclusive offer for a regular fixed-rate electricity plan.

    No Deposit! No Gimmicks! And a plan to meet your energy needs!

    Deposit Freedom® — a great way to learn about First Choice Power and get electricity without a large up-front...

  • How do I pay for electricity on Deposit Freedom®?

    Click here to learn how you can pay for your electricity with First Choice Power.

    • Online: Log into your personalized Online Account Manager or make a One-Time Payment.
    • Telephone: Call us at 1-855-676—7239 you can pay via an automated menu or speak with a real person.
    • In Person: Check our Location Finder to see what's available in your area! You can also call Fidelity XPress Pay at 1-877-508-0472 or Western Union at 1-800-551-8001 for assistance.

    We want to make sure you can pay your bill without disconnection for at least 60 days. Your success will lead you to our exclusive fixed-rate no-deposit...

  • What are the benefits of Deposit Freedom®?

    Deposit Freedom® provides a number of benefits in a number of ways!

    Deposit Freedom:

    • Puts the power in your hands — You Got This! No worries and no anxiety. Just make sure your account always stays above $0.00 so you avoid disconnection.
    • Helps you avoid a deposit — Don't have the available funds to pay a large up-front fee? No problem! Get the electricity you need today with a minimum $10.00 payment.
    • Helps you build credit — By successfully completing the first 60 days of Deposit Freedom, you'll build credit and eliminate a deposit in the future
    • Gives you options — After you pay your electricity for 60 days without any disconnections , you'll be given the chance to switch to a fixed-rate plan (without a deposit).

    It's a win for you on every level. We want you to have a great experience with First Choice Power and Deposit Freedom, and we want you to be...

  • How do I avoid having my power disconnected on Deposit Freedom®?

    It is easy! — just make sure your account never drops below $0.00.

    We can help! We will send regular account updates via text and/or e-mail (depending upon your preferences) to keep you informed on how much you have in your account.

    If your bank has the capability, you can have money automatically paid if your First Choice Power account drops below $25.00.

    We want you to be free of worry and anxiety. You will get affordable energy and the ability to manage usage to stay within budget. You got...

  • How do I know when to make a payment on Deposit Freedom®?

    No gimmicks! We are here to meet your needs!

    You'll get daily Account Updates via text message and/or e-mail (depending upon your preferences). We'll let you know how much electricity you've used and how much money you have left.

    We will remind you of payment options on your Online Account Manager, by phone, and in...

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