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Power-To-Go® Prepaid Electricity FAQs for Texas

  • What is Power-To-Go®?

    Power-To-Go® with First Choice Power is a payment option that lets you buy electricity as you need it. There's no deposit and no long-term contract term, and the price is comparable to other plans in the market.

    You pay for your electricity upfront, and then receive daily account balances and usage updates via text message or e-mail. Payments can be made online, by phone, or at one of our authorized payment...

  • How do I avoid having my Power-to-Go service disconnected?

    If your account balance is equal to or less than zero, First Choice Power may request that the Utility interrupt your electricity service. You can avoid service interruptions by managing your account balance and adding funds to your account when it gets low. First Choice Power recommends that you have at least $20.00 in your account balance each day.

    As a First Choice Power Power-To-Go® customer, you will receive daily notifications regarding your usage, estimated number of days remaining, low balance warnings, and payment confirmations.

    If you are concerned about forgetting to monitor your account or being unable to make a payment before dropping below $0, you can enroll your credit card in Automatic Payments. With this program, you setup your account online to automatically deduct a payment from your credit card if your account falls below $25. You can choose from several payment amounts to replenish your account...

  • Am I eligible to sign up for First Choice Power's Power-to-Go?

    If you have a provisioned smart meter installed by your utility company at your service address within our service territory, you are eligible. First Choice Power Power-To-Go® is currently available in Oncor and CenterPoint service areas. In the future, First Choice Power will offer Power-To-Go® in other utility service territories.

    In addition, you must have wireless service with activated texting features or valid e-mail address that you check regularly to receive your daily account updates.

    We apologize, however, as First Choice Power Power-To-Go® is not available to customers designated "Critical Care" or Chronic Condition by their local utility, nor to customers who could become seriously ill or sustain a dangerous or life-threatening condition if a zero balance caused a service...

  • How much does Power-to-Go cost?

    Your price may vary day to day if there are changes to the delivery charges from your utility company or regulatory charges, or changes in law that impose new or modified fees that are out of our control. The Energy Charge and Daily Base Charge may change up to once a month at our discretion; however, each change during the month will not increase more than 30% from your previous period's price. Your actual price for electric service and your actual electricity usage will be shown on your daily Account Update. This will be used to calculate your daily usage...

  • What is the Daily Base Charge?

    First Choice Power Power-To-Go® is a variable price product with an Energy Charge and a Daily Base Charge. The Daily Base Charge contains First Choice Power's charges incurred from the TDU. This includes base metering charges, a smart meter pass-through charge and the base costs to operate systems to provide your account updates. This allows the per kWh price to be lower in a no-deposit, no long-term contract plan like First Choice Power...

  • How do I sign up for Power-to-Go service?

    Enrolling is easy. You can sign up online at or by calling...

  • What information do I need to sign up for First Choice Power Power-To-Go®?

    When you begin enrollment, the first thing we check is whether your service address has a provisioned smart meter. As long as you or anyone else in your household is not designated as critical care or chronic condition and you have a text-capable cell phone or a valid email address, you can sign up for First Choice Power...

  • Will I have to pay a deposit to sign up for First Choice Power Power-To-Go®?

    Hooray! You do not have to pay a deposit to sign up for our prepaid energy...

  • Can I get Power-To-Go service the same day I sign up?

    Yes — you start by selecting a start date for your service to begin.

    Then, in order to activate your account, you must make an initial payment immediately after you enroll in First Choice Power Power-To-Go®. You can make your first payment over the phone at the end of your enrollment or in person at an authorized pay station to ensure your electricity begins on your requested start date.

    IMPORTANT: If you plan to make your first payment online, you will not be able to do so until the next business day, which may delay your service start...

  • Is prepaid electricity and Power-to-Go right for me?

    With First Choice Power Power-To-Go® there is no difference in the way you use electricity, just how and when you pay for it. Prepaid plans provide affordable energy and the ability to manage usage and costs to stay within your budget.

    First Choice Power sends you daily notifications of your current usage and remaining account balance. With these daily notifications, you stay informed. You will be updated when your account balance is getting low and when it's time to add money to your account. This allows you to better manage your usage and eliminates the bill you typically receive at the end of each month.

    First Choice Power Power-To-Go® has no credit check, no long-term contract, and no...

  • How do I know when it's time to make a payment to my First Choice Power Power-to-Go Account?

    You will get daily Account Updates so you know your balance and usage, which can help you manage your energy costs. We will also send you a warning notice three to seven days before your account balance is estimated to reach zero. You can choose email or text message as your communication...

  • What are the benefits of First Choice Power Power-to-Go plans?

    First Choice Power Power-To-Go® has many benefits. There is no deposit required, no credit check, no long-term contract, and no monthly bill. You can pay with a credit card online and by phone, or pay with cash at several convenient authorized Pay Stations. Checks are not accepted by any payment channel.

    You receive daily Account Updates so you know your balance and usage, which helps you manage your energy costs. We begin alerting you three to seven days prior to when your account balance is estimated to reach zero. You can choose email or text messages as your communication preference. You won't have to deal with any missed or lost mail.

    Finally, you can manage your account information with our free Online Account...

  • Will I receive a Power-to-Go electricity bill?

    You will not receive a monthly electricity bill. Instead, you pay in advance for your electricity, making a monthly bill unnecessary. You'll have the freedom to pay any amount you want.

    You can always view your billing and payment history by logging into your Online Account...

  • How do I make a Power-to-Go Payment?

    You can pay by credit card online and by phone, or pay by cash at many conveniently located authorized Pay Stations. We do not accept checks through any payment channel.


    You can pay by cash at specific authorized in-person Pay Stations. Please go to firstchoicepower.com/texas/billing-and-payment/payment-locator for a map and a list of the available locations.

    First Choice Power Power-To-Go authorized Pay Stations also may have a window decal that shows the Power-To-Go Membership Card for easier identification.

    All stations located at firstchoicepower.comtexas/billing-and-payment/payment-locator are Authorized Pay Stations and will accept Power-To-GoSM payments. Those stations that are labeled as 'Verified' have processed recent payments for Power-To-Go customers, versus a station that may be new on the list or out of the way for many customers. All stations are set up to accept Power-To-Go? payments, however, Verified Authorized Pay Stations will be the most familiar with the process and are highly recommended.


    To make a payment by phone, please call 1-855-676-7239 and follow the prompts to make a payment to your account using your credit card and your Payment Number.


    You can make one-time and automatic payments using your credit card by visiting firstchoicepower.com/prepaid/prepaid-payment. You will need your Payment Number, your zip code, and a valid email address to process payments online. You have the option to store payment information for future payments, as well as schedule payments in advance. Use your Payment Number when you make any type of payment. We will provide you with your Payment Number via text/email upon enrollment, and a Membership Card with this number will be mailed to you within 5-7 days. Using this Payment Number will ensure your account is credited.

    Please note: Your Power-To-Go Membership Card is used for payment purposes only and holds no monetary value. No confidential account information will be available to someone who may have your Membership Card or...

  • Why do I need to have a valid e-mail address or text capabilities?

    We will validate your communication preference to receive daily notifications about your usage and account balance.

    • You will receive a message via text or email with your Payment Number.
    • Once you make your first payment, you will get a payment confirmation via text or email.
    • Once your service begins, your smart meter keeps track of your energy usage, and we inform you daily regarding your usage and account status.
    • When your balance gets low, we send you a message via text or email telling you it is time to add money to your account in order to maintain a positive balance.

    You can always make a payment at any time by logging into your Online Account...

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