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    • What is ERCOT?

      ERCOT, or the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, watches over the reliability and security of the Texas electricity grid. When you switch to a new electricity company, your new provider contacts ERCOT to take care of the actual...

    • Where can I apply for chronic or critical care status?

      If someone in your household needs to apply for chronic or critical care status, please follow these instructions: Download the "Application for Chronic Condition or Critical Care Residential Customer Status" from the Public Utility...

    • What are the advantages of Smart Meters?

      A Smart Meter lets you see your detailed usage data daily, which makes it easier to use energy more efficiently and lower your electricity bill. There are other big advantages that include: You can monitor your electricity usage...

    • Who reads my electricity meter?

      Your meter is read each month by someone from the utility company for your area. This company is also called your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (or TDSP or TDU). If you have one of the new digital Smart Meters,...

    • What is a Retail Electricity Provider in Texas?

      With the deregulation of the Texas electricity grid, you have a choice about who sells electricity to you for your home or business. Your retail electric provider (REP)- known to most people as "the electricity company" - provides...

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