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How do I read my First Choice Power electricity bill?

This list explains every item on your First Choice Power electric bill. If you need more help understanding your bill, call the First Choice Power customer service team at 1-866-469-2464.

  1. ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Includes basic account information, such as Account Number, Customer Name, Service Address, Invoice Number, Bill Date, and Service Period. This is the section you will reference should you have any questions regarding your account.
  2. IMPORTANT MESSAGES: Special messages from First Choice Power, which may include important information about your rate plan, special offers and other promotions.
  3. CONTACT INFORMATION: Lists First Choice Power's website, Emergency contact information, and Customer Service numbers for information about your bill or service.
  4. PAYMENT & DUE DATE INFORMATION: Shows the due date and the amount due (The total of Current Charges plus any Balance) that payment must be received by First Choice Power in order to avoid late payment penalties. Your account will be "past due" if payment has not been received and processed by the due date. When mailing payments, please mail 5 days prior to the due date.
  5. ACCOUNT SUMMARY: Itemization of your First Choice Power Account. Consists of the Balance and the Current Charges for electric service as disclosed in the customer's electricity facts label, including applicable taxes and fees.
    • Previous Balance: The balance from your previous statement(s).
    • Base Charge: A charge assessed during each billing cycle without regard to the customer's demand or energy consumption.
    • Energy Charge: A charge based on the electric energy (kWh) consumed.
    • Transmission Distribution Surcharges (TDU Surcharges): One or more TDU surcharge(s) on a customer's bill in any combination. Surcharges include charges billed as tariff riders by the TDU.
    • Miscellaneous Gross Receipt Tax Reimbursement: A fee assessed to recover the miscellaneous gross receipts tax imposed on retail electric providers operating in an incorporated city or town having a population of more than 1,000.
    • Sales Tax: Sales tax collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as the state, cities and special purpose districts.
  6. YOUR ELECTRIC USAGE: Shows your electricity usage and average daily use in kilowatt-hours for the current service period. It may also reflect usage information from the two latest service periods and the same service period from one year ago (if applicable). Note that depending on your tenure with First Choice Power this section may reflect usage information of one, or up to four service periods.
  7. ELECTRICITY ACCOUNT DETAILS: Shows your meter number as well as actual or estimated meter readings. The difference between the previous and current meter readings is used to determine your usage and consumption charges under "Current Charges."
  8. AVERAGE PRICE YOU PAID: The total of all fixed and variable recurring charges, excluding state and local sales taxes, reimbursement for the state miscellaneous gross receipts tax, and any nonrecurring charges or credits, divided by the kilowatt-hour consumption.
  9. OTHER WAYS TO PAY YOUR BILL: Lists the various payment options First Choice Power offers to pay your electricity bill.
  10. GLOSSARY OF TERMS: Definition of terms you'll find in your bill.

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