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How Electricity Works

How Electricity Works

Your electric company sells you the electricity you need, but it doesn't generate the power or maintain the power grid that delivers electricity to your home. Here's what happens:

  1. Power generation companies operate power plants that use coal, nuclear fuel, natural gas, wind, water, solar power or other renewable sources to produce electricity.

  2. A poles and wires company (officially called a Transmission and Distribution Provider, or TDSP), handles the physical delivery of electricity power to your home. Your local poles and wires company takes care of:

    • Delivering power to people's homes and businesses over high-voltage transmission lines
    • Taking care of poles, lines, meters and other equipment
    • Servicing connections and disconnections
    • Restoring service after power outages

  3. The electric company you choose sells you your electricity. We help you choose your plan, answer any questions you have and invoice you for the electricity you use.

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