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Do a Little Homework

Do your homework on electricity

So, once you've decided you want to switch electric companies, how do you start?

Try asking around in your circle of family, friends and coworkers to see how they feel about their current electric company. If your friends aren't talking about us, maybe they're trying to keep a good thing a secret, but we're happy to share what people are saying.

When comparing plans, pay close attention. It's tempting to go for the lowest price, but be careful. The lowest-priced option may backfire if you can't get the service and support you want. Watch out for "teaser" rates – offers that starts out as a low introductory rate, but end up higher later. You might also want to check:

  • Does the electric company have easy-to-understand plans that meet your needs?
  • Do they offer an easy-to-read bill that can come by email or in Spanish?
  • Is their customer service local and friendly?
  • Which electric company truly cares about the community?
  • Do they charge you more for their green energy plans?

Next, call up the companies you like best and tell them you're thinking about becoming a customer. Pay close attention to how they handle your call. Do they seem to listen to your questions and explain your options? You might want to take a gander at some reasons why customers are going with First Choice Power.

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