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Refer Your Friends & Get Rewarded with First Choice Power!

Refer Your Friends & Get Rewarded with First Choice Power! There are plenty of nice things you can do for your friends. You can pet sit, cook them dinner, run errands for them – and now you can help pay their electricity bills AND yours with First Choice Power! When you refer a friend to First Choice Power through our Refer-a-Friend program,  you’ll get $5 off your bill for every month up to 36 months. On top of that, your friend will get up to $60 in bill credits to help pay their first bill – just for signing up!

With each friend you refer, you can earn up to $180 in bill credits over those 36 months, with no limit as to how many friends you can refer or bill credits you can earn. Refer your friends and get big rewards. You’ll  find your unique Referral ID on the top of the 1st page of your monthly bill, under your account number. It’s all set up – so you can start referring today!

We’re proud of the services we provide at First Choice Power – especially our great Texas electricity plans. We want you to get excited about giving our name out to the friends and family in your life. With our no-limit referral program and perks like bill credits, everybody wins! For more information on our Refer-A-Friend program and answers to frequently asked questions, visit our website here.

Turn On a Friend

First Choice Power customers are the kind of folks who are always there to help out a friend. And, as grandma liked to say, one good turn deserves another.

You already like First Choice Power. When you spread the word, you’ll love the rewards. Now introducing our new Turn On a Friend referral program. When you turn a friend on to First Choice Power, you’ll earn rewards that just keep on giving —for up to 3 years! And every friend who signs up will get a $60 prepaid VISA® card they can use for whatever they like.

Here’s how it works

For every new “Turn On a Friend” referral program customer you refer, you can receive up to a $5 credit on your bill every month for up to 36 months. That means you can earn up to $180 for each friend you refer! That’s three times the reward of other electric programs, and you don’t have to pay a fee to participate!

And, with no limit on the number of bill credits you can earn, big referrals mean big rewards.

You can start referring your friends today. Your Referral ID is already on your monthly bill. Find your Referral ID on top of the 1st page directly under your account number. This is the number you will give to your friends when they sign up.

Login and get started today or have your friend call (866) 469-2464 with your Referral ID!

Check out “Turn On a Friend” referral program for more information on our Refer-a-Friend program!


UPDATE: 8/12/2013 – The Refer-a-Friend program has been changed. To review the changes, please visit this “Turn On a Friend” referral program.

And our $10,000 TOAF Winner is…

Earlier this week Jesus Salazar attended a First Choice Power customer party along with his wife, Maria, and his daughter, Brianna. He thought he was just coming in for some food and a party. Turns out he was coming in to be surprised that he was the grand prize winner of our 2011 Turn on a Friend program, for having the highest number of customer referrals to the company in 2011!

Jesus works in the oil field. He wasn’t supposed to be off today but he got let off early last night. Andrhea Rivera, one of our local office representatives in Mission, kicked the party off thanking all the customers there who had referred new customers to us. She asked Jesus why he does it? And he responded that First Choice Power saved him money and he wants to pass that on to his friends and family. Andrhea called him up to the front of the room saying: “Did you know you referred the most people in 2011?” And then we brought out the $10,000 big check.

“Thank you. I’m speechless,” Maria said.

When asked what they are going to do with their $10,000, Jesus replied “We’re going to Home Depot.” The family was planning to do some upgrades on their home, including new flooring and new windows, to further save on their electric bills. Congratulations, Jesus- enjoy your cash prize!

Click on the link below to check out the video from the event, and remember, the next winner could be you.

2011 Turn on a Friend Winner: Jesus Salazar

Four Customers Won $1,000 for Referring Friends to First Choice Power

This past Tuesday we were thrilled to celebrate four of our TOAF winners from 2011, with a little celebration at our local office in Texas City. We awarded checks for $1,000 each to these customers who referred numerous new customers last year to sign up for electricity service via the “Turn on a Friend” referral program.

“I enjoy helping people out, which is why I referred my family and friends to First Choice Power,” Fuller said. “They go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, offer great prices and are there for you when you really need them.”

The ““Turn On a Friend” referral program” Referral Program rewards customers for every new customer they refer to First Choice Power. A customer can earn up to $180* for each new customer they refer. Congratulations to our 2011 winners Neal Mora, George Fuller, Joseph McGinn and Luz Santos! The next winner could be you, so visit  “Turn On a Friend” referral program to learn more.

*$180 is paid over three years. See website for full details.

Arthelia Harris, Customer Care Advocate

Ask Arthelia: What Do I Get for Referring a Friend?

Arthelia Harris, Customer Care Advocate

Did you know that you could save money on your electric bill by referring your friends and family to First Choice Power? It’s easy. You tell your friends and family how much you love First Choice Power and suggest that they join. When they become customers (and give your Referral ID), they get a $60 Prepaid Visa card just for joining. You get up to $5 each month credited to your bill for each friend, for up to 36 months or as long as they remain a customer. With the summer months approaching this is the perfect time to start your savings.

Your customer referral ID can be found on your statement just below your account number, as indicated in the image below.

Have a customer service question for Arthelia? Leave it in the comments area below!

It Pays to Have Friends – Literally!

Brad S., who won $10,000 through First Choice Power's Turn On a Friend program

Did you know you can save up to $5 a month off your energy bills for up to three years – or about $180 – for every friend you refer to First Choice Power? Additionally, every friend who signs up will get a $60 prepaid VISA® card they can use for whatever they like (restrictions apply)!

Through the Turn On a Friend program, big referrals lead to big rewards. Each year, First Choice Power pays the customer with the most referrals $10,000 in cash, and the next four customers with the highest number of referrals will each get $1,000 in cash!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials from First Choice Power customers who have taken advantage of Turn On a Friend:

  • “My cousin told me about the Turn On a Friend program and it sounded like a great opportunity to save money on my electric bill. My family and friends switched and were especially pleased that they did not have to pay a deposit!”-Cecelia W., Taylor, TX
  •  “I’ve been a First Choice Power customer for five years and have always received great rates, no problems, and help when I really need it. They put their customers first, which is why First Choice Power is a prime example of how a company should be run.”-Robert C., Lowry Crossing, TX
  • I enjoy helping people out, which is why I referred my family and friends to First Choice Power.  They go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, offer great rates, and are there for you when you really need them.”-Victoria M., Houston, TX
  • “I just love First Choice Power and their kind and courteous staff. They are always there to help, rain or shine, and respond so quickly. Anytime I hear someone complain about their electric company, I say, ‘You should have gone with First Choice Power!’”-Geraldine S., La Marque, TX
  • “I had my own power party at the VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars], signed up my friends, and won the $10,000!”-Brad S., Texas City, TX

Interested in getting involved with Turn On a Friend? Click here for tips and tutorials, as well as downloadable flyers and brochures you can email or print from home to give to your friends.

What’s a Power Party?


Brad Senter with his $10,000 check at our Texas City local office

By Guest Contributor: LaShanda “Shawn” Babbs

Someone walks in the door and yells out, “Shawn, I heard First Choice Power gave away $10,000 to someone who referred their friends over to your company. Is that true? And if it is true, then how do I qualify?”

This person adds, “I’m a customer, and I can use the extra credit towards lowering my bill. What can I do to get one of those referral IDs?”

I immediately recognize the man as Mr. Guzman, a customer I communicate with often.

Smiling, Mr. Guzman says, “You might not know this about me, but I know everyone from uptown, downtown and in between. I’ll tell them all to come in and see what kind of business you got here. You all are doing a good thing for the community.”

Grinning from ear to ear, I say, “Yes, it is very true.” 

“The customer that you’re referring to is Mr. Brad Senter,” I tell him. “He’s a long-time resident of Texas City. He had the most referrals for the entire year. We were introduced by the president of his Home Owner’s Association who had earlier asked if we could throw a Power Party at one of their meetings on a week night.”

“A Power Party? What’s that?” he asks.

“Well, Mr. Guzman, we assemble a team to go out to your house, church or business,” I say. “We bring food, drinks and talk about First Choice Power and why we are so unique to the industry. We talk about all things energy: how to cut back on your cost, grants and find ways to Reduce Your Use.”

“All we ask is that the good folks attending bring their electric bills—regardless of what company they have, ask questions and allow us to be ourselves,” I concluded.

The particular Power Party where we met Mr. Senter was special because we ended up getting multiple requests to host more Power Parties later.

“I would like to schedule your team to come out to La Marque and do the same presentation. People need to know what kind of customer service experience you [First Choice Power] are offering,” Mr. Senter said at the end of his first Power Party.

He added, “People can ask themselves a basic question: ‘Can I walk into the doors of my electric company and talk to some-one face to face?’”

So, I challenge you as a consumer to ask yourself, “What kind of service does my current provider give me, and how do they impact the community where I live?”

If you aren’t with a company that considers “You First,” then you need to take time to find one that values you as a top priority.

First Choice Power is not just an electric company. We are partners with the people, local businesses, food banks and the communities that we serve. We just opened our third local office in the Rio Grande Valley on May 20, and our other local offices are in Lewisville and Texas City.  Please stop by if you are ever in the neighborhood and say “hi!” We can’t promise we’ll give out $10,000 to everyone who walks in the door, but we will certainly put You First—always.

Turn on a Friend $10K Grand Prize Winner Awarded

Brad Senter with his $10K check at First Choice Power’s Texas City local office.

Back in August 2010, we introduced you to First Choice Power’s new customer referral program, Turn on a Friend. Just by referring a friend, you’d be eligible to win prizes, such as a paid electric bill and a chance to win $10,000 (if you turned on the most friends to First Choice Power).

Well, this morning, we awarded Brad Senter, from Texas City, Texas, the $10,000 grand prize for his Turn on a Friend efforts (Brad had held multiple First Choice Power “power parties”) at our Texas City local office.  

In order to get Brad to the office without suspicion, we told him we needed him to answer questions about the Turn on a Friend program in general. Our sneaky plan went off without a hitch and the $10,000 reward was a total surprise. Congrats to Brad!

You can still Turn on a Friend now; you may receive up to $180 for each referral and your friends/family get a $60 giftcard1.  Click here for details.

 For details, terms, conditions and eligibility, please visit “Turn On a Friend” referral program.

First Choice Power Local Office Update

Cutting the ribbon at our Texas City store back in October 2010

By Guest Contributor: LaShanda “Shawn” Babbs

Working at First Choice Power’s local office in Texas City has been extremely exciting. We get the chance to meet so many good people with diverse backgrounds that live within the city or the surrounding areas. Some folks have heard about us from family or a friend, and then travel almost an hour just to talk face-to-face with us. That’s an enormous compliment! It seems that every person who walks through our doors has a story to share about the value in having an electric company that chooses them first.

Folks are spreading the word about First Choice Power! And, to show how grateful and honored we are at First Choice Power for having good people say good things about us, we have a Turn On a Friend program that will knock your boots off. On a First Choice Power customer bill, there’s a referral code located under the account number that may be given out anyone. If a person signs up using that referral code, the owner of the referral code will get five dollars a month for up to 36 months and the enrolling person gets a $60 gift card. It’s that easy! By all means, take advantage of this token of our appreciation.

We want to thank our local office customers for spreading the message that we are here in the Texas City community, and we are ready to serve anyone who walks in our door!

LaShanda “Shawn” Babbs currently works in our brick and mortar in Texas City. Shawn prides herself in customer service and wholeheartedly believes in putting “You First.” Her favorite pastime is swimming, and she enjoys watching sunsets with her loved ones.